Sonntag, 06.11.2005 | 18:04 Uhr

Autor: Christiane Geldmacher

Zitat des Tages: Marcel Proust

„Sie servieren ja, als ob es brennt!“

Marcel Proust, In Swanns Welt


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  1. Gérard Bertrand Says:


    Since you are interested in Marcel Proust, I submit my site to you where I
    have just placed a series of “recomposed photographs” relating to him.
    It is of course about a disguised tribute, even if certain “images” can
    to appear irreverent.
    I tried, in this series to restore the spirit at the time and to find the actors associated of them with characters with
    „In Search of Lost Time“, of which that of Narrator and… the author.

  2. Christiane Geldmacher Says:

    I took a look at your website. I don`t know too much about Proust, but I reckon, Kafka would be very surprised to study your website.
    But he would be surprised ANYWAY. This year I spent 4 weeks in Prague and he´s a popstar there. Once I saw a statue of him on one corner of the old town and didn´t recognize him. He would drop dead if he saw it.
    Thanks for the link!

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